3 Reasons You Need A Disability Insurance Lawyer

If you have been in an accident that has left you with a long-term disability — defined by the Social Security Administration as an inability to support yourself by means of "substantial gainful activity" for at least a year — then you may be counting on disability insurance payments to maintain your quality of life. While it is technically possible for individuals to represent themselves throughout the claim process, there are several instances in which having a disability insurance lawyer on your side is an invaluable asset. Take a look at just three of the most important reasons below.

Handling an Appeal 

Even in the case of severe injury, your disability claim may still be denied. This may be for a number of reasons unrelated to your physical condition: continued income that is perceived to be substantial (in the form of rent or capital gains, for instance), a failure to correctly complete the necessary paperwork by a certain deadline, or a failure to follow the advice of your doctor when it comes to recommended treatment. In order to appeal a denial successfully, you'll need to hand over a sufficient amount of relevant evidence, which can be especially difficult to do in a legal context on your own.

Communicating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies don't exactly have your best interests at heart when faced with a long-term disability claim. You should expect them to make every reasonable effort to prove that you do not require the financial assistance provided by disability payments. They may ask for multiple interviews, seek out medical records, or even oversee secret surveillance in an attempt to do this. Thankfully, disability insurance lawyers are in a position to help you combat these tactics employed by insurance companies. Going it alone means risking your disability benefits, even if your disability is legitimate.

Representation in Court

If you have already spent time trying to deal with insurance companies or government agencies on your own and feel that you have wasted your time, don't worry. A disability insurance attorney can still assist you in forming a case for a disability lawsuit, in which you fight back against the denial of a previous appeal. This is virtually impossible to do without legal expertise; having an attorney that works on your behalf to get you the disability benefits you are entitled to make things much easier in the event you actually have to go to court.

Consult with a disability insurance lawyer to learn more. 

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