Why Is It So Difficult To Stop Spam Calls?

Spam calls might seem more common than ever before, but there's no reason why you have to suffer from endless spam calls. These calls are not only annoying but are also designed to trick you into making a mistake that can cost you money. However, with the right advice, you can bring an end to your spam calls.

Where Spam Calls Come From

One of the reasons why spam calls have become more common is that it is easier for spammers to bypass efforts to stop them. Spammers are able to use caller ID spoofing to place an enormous number of calls a day with each call having a different number.

When you receive a spam call, you might be receiving a call from a live person. This is referred to as a telemarketer. A telemarketer is required to make sure that the individual they call is on the Do Not Call registry. However, some telemarketers are duplicitous and will not check these lists.

Other calls are robocalls. While a robocall is not automatically illegal, with many doctor's offices and charities relying on them, there are also illegal robocalls that are meant to trick you into falling for a scam. Typically, they will ask you to press a button and you will then be redirected to an individual who will attempt to scam you.

The Do Not Call Registry

If you would like to take legal action against spam calls, you will first need to be on the Do Not Call registry. This registry mostly prevents legal companies from calling you and you may see a reduction in the number of spam calls that you receive. 

By being on the registry, you will know that those who are calling you will likely be scams if you do not recognize the number. You are also allowed to report the call to the FTC.

Legal Actions You Can Take

You should also consider consulting with a lawyer. In some cases, the lawyer might be able to force the unsolicited caller to pay you hundreds of dollars for violating the call. While the money might be handy, the greatest benefit is that you will be able to better deter spam callers.

If you lost money as a result of a scam call, an attorney can help you with this as well. You will also want to report the scam to the FTC so they can take action against it.

For more information about how to stop spam calls, contact a lawyer.

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