Complications of Administering an Estate That May Require the Assistance of an Attorney

The administrator of an estate is tasked with overseeing the process of tying up the loose ends that the deceased has left behind. From handling outstanding debts and filing tax returns to distributing property, many things you have to oversee can bring about complications. Here are a few situations when you may need an estate administration attorney.

The Decedent Owned Land in More Than One State 

Normally, an individual will own land in only one state, but there can be circumstances in which the person who passed away owned property in multiple states. For example, someone may have owned business property in one state and residential property in another. While these situations can seem relatively straightforward, property that is part of multiple states can have different laws that govern how that property is handled according to the laws set forth by the state. It is best to have an estate administration attorney to help guide you through the difficult process of navigating varied state laws to properly handle the property. 

The Decedent Died Intestate with a Lot of Assets 

It is more typical for an individual with a lot of assets to have a will that states how they prefer for their assets to be distributed upon their passing. However, it is also not impossible for someone with many assets to die intestate, or without a will. When this takes place, even if you have been told by the decedent before death that you were to be the estate administrator, it is best to have an attorney for help. You will likely have to go through probate court to be named administrator.

In itself, the process of being deemed administrator is not that difficult, but numerous possibilities exist that could complicate the process. For example, if intestate laws state another relative should be the estate administrator, you may have to prove to the court that you would be the most logical candidate for the position. 

The Decedent Has Numerous Heirs with Interest in the Estate 

As the estate administrator, it will be your job to oversee the process of distributing assets to the heirs as deemed appropriate by the standing will and testament. Even with a will for the estate, if a lot of heirs are involved, it can be best if you have an estate administration attorney to help you through the process. More heirs usually mean there is a greater possibility for a dispute to arise. Having an attorney already familiar with the estate and the uniqueness of the situation will ensure things are carried out carefully.

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