How To Avoid Divorcing Your Divorce Attorney

If you're considering divorce, or have been served papers from your other half requesting one, your first objective is to find a lawyer. You may think you can go it alone, especially if the other party says they are not planning to use an attorney. Not a wise idea.

You need to turn a deaf ear to voices that suggest you can handle a divorce yourself. You also should go about hiring a lawyer with as much due diligence as you can. You definitely want to avoid two divorce situations on your hands - one involving your husband or wife, and the other to get rid of an inept divorce lawyer.

Hire an Attorney Immediately

Even if your spouse elects not to hire an attorney, you should. People have a habit of changing their minds, especially when it comes to divorces. Unsolicited, outside advice from well-intentioned friends and relatives, can be rather persuasive. Just when you think all is well and you and your soon-to-be ex are going to part ways without a lot of fanfare, boom, they go and hire a divorce lawyer.

Since the other party in a divorce can choose to hire a lawyer at any given moment, if you do not already have one in place, you'll be forced to scramble to find one. If you are considering filing for divorce, or have been served with divorce papers, first thing to do is find a good divorce attorney.

Time for a Change?

Your divorce case might turn out to be smooth and simple, but that is not the norm. Be prepared for a long and often arduous challenge of your patience. As well you should be patient with your own attorney, especially early on during the period of filing and requests for settlement. But there are some telltale signs when, as difficult as it may seem, you need to make a change.

1. Never Seems to Be Personally Available

When you try to contact your attorney, you always end up speaking with a secretary, legal assistant, or paralegal. Sometimes lawyers are very busy with other clients, but if your attorney can never seem to find even a few minutes for you, if might be time to find new representation.

2. Disorganized

If you meet with your lawyer at their office and they have trouble finding your file, or always seem to forget important information about your case, it may be a sign they do not exercise good organizational skills. A lawyer who cannot keep their files in an orderly fashion may turn out to be disorganized when it's time to present your case to the judge.

3. Unrealistic, Unnecessary, Unexplainable Delays

Be alert to lawyers who seem to do unnecessary things, or mysteriously appear to drag your case out. When you hire your divorce attorney, you are entering into a business contract. There is an ethical obligation on the part of your lawyer to provide you with the best legal advice possible, while keeping your expenses reasonable.

Sometimes divorce cases do take time. But, if you feel like you're constantly hearing the same excuses for delays, or appear to be getting the runaround, be aware that some lawyers lack a sound sense of morals when it comes to charging for divorce cases. If you find you're paying money to an attorney but nothing seems to be getting accomplished, maybe it's time to cut your losses and look elsewhere for legal counsel.

When you meet with prospective divorce attorneys for the first time, let them know your expectations of them and ask them what they are going to expect from you. Developing an understanding of what you both expect during your first meeting can establish a foundation for a long and productive relationship. Visit websites like to learn more.

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