Refuting A Few Auto Accident Misconceptions

Auto accidents can be among the more common problems that you can experience. Unfortunately, these incidents are often very poorly understood by individuals that have never had the experience of suffering these accidents. To help you be better prepared for defending your rights following these accidents, you will want to understand the truth behind the following couple of myths and misconceptions.

Myth: Standard Auto Coverage Always Pays For The Damages To Your Car

In instances where the accident was the fault of the other driver, you might assume that your insurance policy will always pay for the damages that your car suffered. However, it must be noted that your standard liability policy only covers the damages that you caused with your car, and it is the responsibility of the other driver's insurance to pay for your damages. Sadly, there is a chance that you will be involved with a motorist that does not have insurance. When this is the case, you may need to speak with an attorney as a lawsuit against the other driver might be the only option for compelling them to pay for the damages that they caused. You can help to minimize this risk in the future by making sure that you choose an insurance policy that provides coverage against uninsured drivers.

Myth: You Will Have To Pay For The Lawsuit Out Of Your Own Pocket

It can be common for individuals to resist filing a lawsuit due to concerns about the expenses that will be involved. For those that are concerned about the costs of filing a lawsuit, it is important to understand that many auto accident attorneys do not charge their clients for their services unless they are able to collect damages. Furthermore, these attorneys will usually cover the costs of filing the court documents, interviewing expert witnesses and conducting depositions. After the case is settled, your attorney will subtract these expenses from your final settlement before transferring the remaining funds to you. While this may sound like a complicated process, attorneys will be able to ensure that the compensation is transferred to you within days of receiving the settlement.

An auto accident lawsuit can be among the more serious incidents that you can go through. When you have had the misfortune of being involved in one of these accidents, you will need to be as informed as possible about some misconceptions that are often believed about these cases. By understanding that your insurance may not protect you against an uninsured driver as well as the fact that you will not need to pay out of pocket to pursue this case, you can be in a stronger position to make sound decisions about protecting your rights as an auto accident victim. For more information, contact companies like Knafo Law Offices.

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