Teenager Commit A Crime? They May Not Be Automatically Tried As A Juvenile

If your teenager has committed a crime, do not think they will be automatically tried in the juvenile court system instead of the adult system. This is because, in some cases, they may actually be tried as an adult. Below is some information about this that will give you a better understanding of how all of this works.

Being Tried in the Juvenile Court System

Your child's criminal attorney will do all that they can to keep their case in the juvenile court system because it offers them many advantages, including the following:

  • Your child has a good chance that their conviction is sealed after your teenager becomes an adult. This means it will be like they never committed a crime. They would not have to tell anyone they had ever been arrested, such as if they were applying for a job, trying to rent an apartment or home, or working with a licensing agency.
  • The judge will have options to choose different types of sentencing. For example, instead of putting your child in jail, they could be given house arrest.  
  • This will not put your child at risk from being around adult offenders. This could affect them greatly if they were around adults who committed much worse crimes, such as rape or murder.
  • No matter the age of your child, they would only be sentenced until they turned 21, and then be let out. They may have get a lot more time if they are charged as an adult.

Being Tried as an Adult

It does depend on the state your child lives in if a judge chooses to try your child as a juvenile or adult. For example, a child that is as young as 10 years old could be tried as an adult.  This process is known as a "waiver." Once your teen is tried as an adult, no matter the time they serve, in many cases, they will be tried as an adult for any future crimes they may commit a juvenile after this .They may also send them to adult court if your child has any previous crimes.

If your child is willing to admit they will get some therapy, as well as gain a better attitude, this will likely better their chances of staying in juvenile court.

The best person to talk with to give you much more information about this is your criminal attorney. They can answer any questions you have to help you and your child feel a little better about this process.

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