3 Tips For Getting Your Auto Accident Case Settled With Your Insurer

The challenges of being involved in a car accident are many. You may suffer physical injury, emotional distress and financial losses. The key to being able to recover as quickly as possible from your accident may rest in settling with your insurance company as quickly as possible. Knowing specific tips to help you get the compensation you deserve from your accident is critical to your success.

Tip #1: Be patient

Your insurance company may rush you to take the first offer, but this could mean taking less for your case. Rather than being in too big of a hurry to receive compensation for your accident, be patient and take the necessary time to get the most for all of your losses.

Tip #2: Create a report

Having a list of all your losses created may be the most effective way for you to recover your money. Be sure to include all of the professional documents listed below to help you do so:

1. Medical costs – Provide the dates of service and the medical provider you saw, as well as the cost for each visit. Be prepared with a copy of the receipt on hand to prove this amount.

2. Vehicle costs – Talk to your auto mechanic to determine the precise amount it will cost to repair your car and get this documented in writing. If your car is a total loss, be sure you list the value of your automobile.

3. Lost wages – You may be able to recover the money you lost by being unable to work. Take the time to talk to your employer about getting a letter stating these losses to provide to your insurance company.

Tip #3: Write a Demand Letter

You may need to write a demand letter to you insured to help you get compensation for your losses. It's important to be direct and factual when writing this letter and listed below are some things you should include:

1. The total amount of money you're seeking to recover.

2. The full details of your accident, such as date and who was at fault.

3. The time limit when payment must be made.

4. The consequences that will occur if you don't get compensated, such as legal action being taken.

You can recover the money you need for any accident you're involved in, but you should know what to do. Be sure to work closely with a car accident lawyer who can provide the necessary amount of legal expertise necessary to help you do so.

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